The Power of Telling Stories

Since the beginning of man on earth, story-telling has been the primary method of communication. Only in recent times do we transfer digital data, tweets, knowledge-dumping and long slide shows. As a result, our brains are wired to remember stories. They make a lasting impression, rather than something we quickly forget.

It’s a good lesson for educators trying to get a point across. Whether it’s lecture, speech, presentation, tweet, post or conversation, a story provides a powerful tool to connect with the audience in a memorable way. In fact, a photo and caption on facebook gains 10 times the viewers of merely transmitting words. Short videos are a megatrend and stories abound in our classrooms. Telling them through this media brings stakeholders “inside the classroom,” as exemplified by Manatee County Public School’s “ManaTeach” gallery of videos ( Check it out.

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