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Duval Referendum Makes Seven Straight Victories

Against all odds, Duval County Public Schools passed a 1 mill tax to increase compensation for teachers and staff on Aug 23, 2022. It was the seventh straight victory in the past six years aided by the consulting services of Voss & Associates. Given the fact that Duval just passed a half-penny sales tax for facilities in 2020, the skeptics claimed the millage increase would never pass. But it did, with 53% voter approval. Voss & Associates has helped Manatee, Hernando and Hillsborugh schools pass several voter-approved initiatives as well since 2016.  Read about all seven victories on the Case Studies page.


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Communications Consulting, Media Campaigns and Training for Educators.
Marketing Plans, Consulting and Opening Doors for Education Providers.


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  • We build public support and improve efficiency.
  • We tie our results directly to student achievement.
  • We elevate your personal performance as a leader.
  • We enhance reputations and increase bottom lines.



  • Market research, branding and communication plans for schools.
  • Multimedia campaigns for voter
    approval and parent involvement.
  • Communication professional
    development for school leaders,
    online or live.
  • Marketing Plans, training and
    door-opening for education companies.
  • Affordable, creative video production services to “tell your story.”



  • MediaTalk — the famed media relations course, 30 years in the making.
  • Power Behind the Podium – dynamic
    public speaking and presentations
  • Social Media for Educators – learning to reach audiences where they are
  • Winning at the Polls – gaining voter
    approval of bonds and referendums
  • Crisis Communications – policies,
    plans and practices during tough times
  • Branding and Marketing Schools –
    operating in today’s competitive world
  • Leveraging Your Communication Tools – maximizing today’s technology


A New Suite of Video Production Services.

 You can now join a major mega-trend by telling your story through short videos and distributing them through a vast array of free channels. We’ve made it easy and affordable by offering a “you shoot, we assemble” package, as well as full-scale “script to screen” productions and animation



We are the premiere authority on communicating with and within the education community.



Voss & Associates has been communicating education since 1999, representing school districts, education associations, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies.

We provide personal communications fitness training. We cut through the clutter for attention, creating focus on the cause. We teach clients how to deliver the message, regardless of the medium.

Our service is personal. It helps the leaders lead, volunteers serve and company executives profit. It leverages existing resources – the media, government, employees, other organizations – for powerful, cost-effective activity.

Our specialty is education…pre-K-12, higher education, private and charter…and companies who offer products and services to this unique niche market. We know the field and its policies, procedures and politics. We merge this knowledge with current communication trends to create solid solutions.

David R. Voss and his son, Kellen Voss, lead the company.

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