About us

About us


Voss & Associates has been communicating education since 1999, representing school districts, education associations, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies offering services and products to educators.

We are the premiere resource for communicating with and within the education community.

We provide personal communications fitness training. We cut through the clutter for attention, creating focus on the cause. We teach clients how to deliver the message, regardless of the medium.

Our service is personal. We help leaders lead, volunteers serve and company executives profit. We  leverage existing resources – the media, government, employees, other organizations – for powerful, cost-effective outcomes.

Our specialty is education…pre-school education, K-12 education, higher education, private schools, charter schools…and those who provide products and services to education…content, technology, facilities, training. We know the field and its policies, procedures and politics. We merge this knowledge with current communication skills to create solid solutions for a unique niche market.