“David empowered us with a message and with a skill set to speak to the media as an important tool for the District.”

—J. Pat Lamb, Irving Independent School District


Become a Great Communicator

MediaTalk for Educators

Power Behind the Podium

Social Media for Educators

Crisis Readiness


David R. Voss delivers personal on-site training on a variety of topics, usually with small groups to ensure individual attention. All courses are multimedia and interactive, using the latest technology and customized to fit your needs. We also deliver short seminars to multiple locations via webinar to save time, travel and money.
You choose. We deliver. See course selections below or customize your own course.

1.Branding And Marketing Your Schools

Build a powerhouse of community support for your school

Every school is unique, but all too frequently, few in the outside community know it. School choice, charter schools, excessive accountability measures and taxpayers’ demands make it more important than ever to tell the public about your school’s uniqueness in order to garner their support.

This engaging session helps you identify what makes your school special…and how to tell people about it. The strategies discussed are easily applied to district-level departments, charter schools and private schools, too. We help you determine how you want the public to view your school and what you want them to say about it to others.

II. Harness The Power Behind The Podium

Present electrifying speeches and presentations

What makes you a powerful speaker? It’s the message, choosing the right words and making sure you connect in a personal way with the audience.

Learn how to develop stimulating presentations that capture and retain your audience’s attention. Our personal coaching will help you create and deliver a compelling case for your cause. We’ll review the audio/visual tools you can use, effective use (and abuse) of slide shows and determine the key ideas you want to convey. Your skills will be honed by practicing a presentation, which is video taped and then critiqued. As a speaker, you will not only be heard . . . you will be remembered.

III. Mediatalk For Educators

Become a media powerhouse

In this time of the 12-second sound bites and virtual news, it’s important to deliver the message you want out, in case it’s replayed over and over on the Internet.

Take a pro-active approach and learn how to craft succinct, memorable messages and leverage the media interview to your advantage. Our trademark “MediaTalk” training method—more than 25 years in the making—teaches you how to generate press when you want it and encounter a crisis without crumbling. You’ll be prepared to say the right thing at the right time to the right people, even when the media shows up unexpectedly.

IV. FLIP* It Around

*Financial Language Interpreted for the Public

Turn your negative budget into powerful community support

In these difficult economic times, school districts are slashing operating budgets to the bone. With fewer opportunities, student achievement will, no doubt, be adversely affected. At the same time, the accountability mandates and community expectations remain high.

It’s time to turn your negative financial picture into positive community-wide support. This seminar will focus on survey instruments and social marketing tools to ensure two-way communications and translating the complicated budget into easily understood “stories” and messages. The most effective way to “flip” this financial challenge around to your district’s advantage is to pro-actively inform and engage your community.

“Great presentation! Very useful information!”

“We will use this information at our next board meeting!”

“He hit on every possible issue you experience when communicating budget information to your community.”

– Recent Conference Attendees

V. NEWS (in a FLASH) . . .

Become your school’s instant messenger

During a crisis, leverage the power of your communication tools. A minor classroom confrontation turns into worldwide news in a matter of minutes as students send photos from their cell phones.

A school wide crisis attracts national media attention and suddenly you’re on network news. Parents demand instant information directly from the school before, during and after the crisis.
Are you ready? Can you handle it?

With today’s technology at everyone’s fingertips, news can spread instantly during an insignificant situation or a real crisis. And, as the text, video or photos hurl through cyberspace, the incident can be blown completely out of proportion. Learn how to use these same technologies, and traditional media, to your advantage as we practice real-life situations—before, during and after the crisis.

VI. Leverage the power of today’s technology

Using powerful technologies to strengthen family-school connections

Today’s families are constantly on the Internet researching information and communicating with one another. They are using their thumbs to talk and their eyes to listen. Families want to stay informed about their children’s education, but they’re too busy to go to meetings at school or fill out the forms sent home.

To stay connected with your families and achieve broad-based community engagement as well, move into the world of digital communications with PANS (Pretty Awesome New Stuff). You’ll see the latest mobile apps and examine social media policies and procedures; learn how to leverage phone and text notification systems to the max; write and deliver quality e-Newsletters in a hurry; and avoid sendingTMI (Too Much Information). Your knowledge level will be raised into the comfort zone. And, when you leave the seminar, you’ll be able to LWR (Launch When Ready)!

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