“David Voss has a special knack for communicating the business of education.”

— Mike Lannon, former Florida Superintendent of the Year

You always get an all-star team.

Voss & Associates uses a customized combination of staff and specialists to create the ideal solution for you. Our team touches all the right bases — graphic designers, videographers, web developers, writers, online platform providers, social media gurus and independent sales reps. The president provides your only point of contact with personal attention and project management while the strategic partners bring talent and productivity perfectly aligned with your project. This flexibility allows us to bring the right talent to the table at the right price. Call and let us get to know you better so we can select your very own all-star team.

David Voss


Chicago roots (Go Cubs!), grew up in Sarasota, Florida. Gets first job throwing newspapers onto lawns…then works as a sports reporter. Writes about baseball. Plays baseball. Writes about self playing baseball. Goes to Mississippi State on full baseball scholarship, but keeps writing enough to graduate in communications, talks enough to major in speech. First job: Local DJ, spinning records and announcing Florida State baseball games. Will this guy ever get serious?

Upward and onward to reporter and news editor, Tallahassee Democrat. Changes course to Florida state government as Director of Communications for three large agencies. Writes first “media manual” when TV nursing home scandal shows nurse hiding in bathroom to avoid press. Takes on the media first hand as press secretary for Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham and Commissioner of Education and University of South Florida President Betty Castor. Two of the best mentors ever.

While raising four kids and practicing yoga, David became marketing executive for Apple Computer in education (Steve Jobs wasn’t a bad mentor either), evangelizing the evolution of integrating technology into classrooms. Charged with running conferences, making presentations, launching new products and closing big deals.

Media and government experience from every angle, education exposure from the public, corporate and personal perspective, and passion for children’s issues lead to the creation of Voss & Associates, a premier communications consulting company encompassing 30 years of communications reality. Trained hundreds of executives, worked tirelessly for dozens school districts, passing bond referendums and encouraging parent involvement, and bringing innovative private sector products to the education landscape.

Staying fit provides diversion and peace to balance hectic pace of 110% commitment to clients.



After a profoundly eye-opening degree in Philosophy from the University of Central Florida, Kellen needed a job (not too much of a job market in philosophy, but good stuff to know). So he decided to pursue his life-long passion — a career in the arts. Full Sail University was right down the street so he figured… “Why not?!” It’s only a $45,000 student loan.

With a hot-commodity degree in Recording Arts, he landed a plum job at an enormously creative studio in Dallas called OkraTron 5000, well-known for English voice-overs of the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z and the video game Borderlands 2. There he recorded and designed sounds for TV commercials, videos games, slot machines, movies, mobile apps…a virtual smorgasboard of growth opportunities.

But that wasn’t all. When he wasn’t mounting biking, he took on the role as producer for various video projects, including the hilarious Board With Life web-series. He now freelances (more fun than a real job), producing videos and podcasts for educators at Voss & Associates, designing soundscapes for stage productions, digital mixing for musical theatre and recording audio for full length motion pictures.

You’ll see him wearing ear plugs to protect those precious drums inside his head, especially while pursuing his hobby of playing drums.


Carefully chosen. Talented and specialized. There when we need them.

Our strategic partners bring a wide array of talent to the table while working under the direction of Voss & Associates. We perform as a team — graphic designers, video engineers, web developers, writers, online platform providers, social media gurus and independent sales reps — carefully selected to meet the client’s exact specifications. As contract partners, they keep our overhead and your costs down. You only pay for the hours they work for you, not the off-duty time they spend in the office. We select our partners based on your needs as well as your budget.