Marketing Specialties

Marketing Specialties

Strategic communications and planning

Don’t guess how your audience feels. Know. Just as a financial audit discovers how you spend the money, a communications audit discovers how you connect – or fail to connect – with targeted audiences. We analyze your communications toolbox and ask your audiences how you’re doing. We then recommend strategies and tactics for reaching your goals. You end up with a plan that you and your team can follow and tools everyone can use to keep your message pure and powerful.

Cause-related marketing

Moving people from Point A to Point B takes more than a good idea. It takes professional management of information to express your idea over a period of time so you’re not overly dependent on traditional media to get the word out. Whether you’re trying to change public perception, pass a bond referendum or promote a new school or education product, we manage the message and pro-actively send it out so you gain the support you need.


We generate demand for your product, service or cause by penetrating the inner sanctum of decision-makers. We know the people to meet and the buttons to push. We streamline the selection cycle by understanding the inner workings of the government and the education community.

Keynote address

You will come away from this speech with both inspiration and practical tips to become a better communicator. You’ll also understand the clear connection between effective communications and higher student achievement so you can make communication a higher priority in your district. Voss & Associates president David R. Voss will leverage his 25 years of “communicating education” to provide an entertaining and provocative address designed just for educators.

Branding and marketing your school

Charter schools, public schools, home schooling. They all need one thing, for sure: students. What are you telling their parents? Why should they come to your school? What makes you different, special or simply a better choice? This is the art of branding — who you are and what you do — within the context of an elevator conversation or a symbol on a piece of paper. Then the Marketing Plan gets the word out. In this age of competition, branding and marketing is the key.

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