Kellen Voss

Kellen Voss


A Florida native . . . grew up in Tallahassee, Tampa Bay, then Orlando. Gets along amazingly well with his three younger sisters (go figure!). Deep thinker from the age of two. Loves all things musical. Learns to play the drums…ticks off the neighbors. Enjoys long bike rides on and off road. Honing skills in woodworking via workshop in garage.

Attended three different universities before graduating: Florida Atlantic University Honors College, University of South Florida and University of Central Florida, where he found a home that felt right. Developed an interest in metaphilosophy; writes a thesis and graduates with Honors in 2006. Very smart.

Oops. Shift gears. New interest: Sound! Requires more schooling. Attends Full Sail University, the ultimate in preparing for a life in entertainment, gaming, video and sound engineering. Dives head first into sound editing and design for film and web. Masters podcasting, “live” performances and studio recording. Along the way, learned web page development, database management, video editing, and all sorts of administration chores. No fear with technology! A true digital native.

After five years at OkraTron 5000, he’s now a producer and sound designer for the off-the-wall, board gamey web series Board with Life and a mixer for several theaters around Dallas. He uses all that creative experience and talent to produce video and podcasts for education clients and serves as Production Manager for the Be There campaign.

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