Crystal Rothhaar

Crystal Rothhaar


Passion For a Good Cause. Got one? Writer. Hip with Mod PR…also dogs, kids and exercise.

Another Florida native…raised by highly educated educators near Jacksonville. Becomes the first student in the county to get a perfect score on the Florida Writes! exam. This kid should write for a living!

Heads to the University of Florida. Tries to find a major that requires no public speaking. Takes public speaking. Becomes a public speaker. Teaches public speaking. Interns at several nonprofits, developing a love for public relations with a cause. Keeps one toe in graphic design, minoring in Computer Science. Attends every home football game. (Go Gators!) Why would anyone want to graduate?

Graduates. Moves to Sarasota for a career in graphic design. Buys a house, gets married, and gets a dog – in the same month. Competes in events with dog. Prances dog around like a character from Best In Show. Directs a state breed rescue for several years, saving the lives of hundreds of dogs. Stresses out the parents — is she ever going to have kids?

Goes back to her roots in public relations at the University of South Florida. Great job…fosters a passion for education. Wait…she’s getting large… is she? She is! Has a kid. Has another kid. It’s about time. Meantime, consults in the big leagues, offering a wide-range of writing, marketing, and public relations services to travel companies, non-profits, and PR agencies.

After more than ten years of experience in effective communications, aligns with Voss & Associates. Perfect Fit. Offers clients exceptional written and verbal communication skills as well as proficiencies in media relations, creative branding, crisis communications, web design, event planning, social media and e-communications.

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