For Executives

For Executives

Communication is the soul of management: analysis and solid decisions translated into clear messages that influence people to act and feel good about their performance.

—Cherie Carter-Scott, Life Coach, MMS Institute


In a presentation to a prospective client, at a public forum, in a staff meeting or a run-in with the press, what you communicate is, in fact, who you are. We can help you make sure your message is clear, memorable and aimed directly at the people who you need to hear it.

In short, we’ll help you turn the words you speak into the actions you seek.

Our training is personal. This is all about you. We make it clear how to make your point clear. We fight the battle for attention, help you filter through the clutter, bring focus to your cause. We help you motivate the troops, inspire the volunteers or close the business deal.

We hone your presentation skills, overcome fear in front of the camera, strategically plan your message and your vehicle, and we’ll use video tape until you get it right. You’ll look good and feel good about your communication performance.


    Gain confidence in your ability to communicate, whether it’s through the media, through a microphone, or over the phone. You’ll feel better about yourself.
    Become well known within targeted circles. Your stock rises, as does your community stature. You’ll get appointed to desirable boards and influential positions.
    Good communicators get promoted faster and assume leadership positions within their organizations.
    It’s comforting to see support when you propose an idea or launch a campaign. Powerful communication brings others on board and motivates them to act.
    When you say it right the first time, people understand. Clarity and conviction in speaking leave little room for misinterpretation. This moves the meter faster when building support.

Voss & Associates offers a variety of personal services specifically geared to education.

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