For Companies

FOR Companies

“The time and energy required for effective communication are directly related to the clarity and simplicity of the message.”

—John Kotter, Author and Trainer, Transform Your Organization


Your product or service is worthy of attention. How do you get it in front of the customer when the customer isn’t shopping? How do you navigate the labyrinth we call government?

Marketing and selling to government is tough business. The customer is fuzzy, the process is complex and the politics are brutal. Knowing the route to closing the business takes experience on both sides of the fence. Voss & Associates knows government and business, having worked both sides.

As consultants to your company, we offer unparalleled knowledge of the inner workings of education and government, the unique insights of long-standing personal relationships within these institutions and the ability to help you reach the people who can make a decision. We develop the strategy that leads to the sale. We open doors and walk you through. We streamline the sales cycle by understanding the purchasing process. We influence the people who influence decision-makers so you get a favorable nod.


  • NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.Find new markets, new territories, new funding sources. Build new relationships. Get in front of decision-makers and strategic partners for greater exposure.
  • SALES TEAM SUPPORT.Streamline the sales cycle. Learn new presentation skills and refine public speaking. Create custom messages for local audiences so each sales person knows the right “buzz word” and “hot topics.” Keep the sales staff “in the know” so they can serve as “consultants” rather than “vendors” to customers.
  • FIND THE MONEY. Sniff out the dollars. Tie your product or service to the appropriation, grant or contribution. Chart a path to aggressively pursue it.
  • PRODUCT UNVEILING.Ensure successful positioning. Control the message, the nature of the event and media coverage. This elevates exposure and builds brand image.

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