For Advocates


Voss & Associates not only understands effective communication techniques, but the work of child advocacy.

—Ted Granger, President, United Way of Florida

The Voice of The Advocate Just Got Louder

As a leader in your community, you want people to know about your cause. You want the community to see the direct connect between your cause and their life. It will help children, help the economy, and help the quality of life. How do you compete with mega-bucks advertising or? How do you make your mark among organizations with larger staff and bigger budgets? How do you emerge from the bombardment of clutter and the competition of media attention?

Sometimes you have to go outside the box to get noticed. Understanding what the media needs makes it easier for you to draw attention to your cause. Voss & Associates has worked the press and worked for the press. It builds a bridge with those who buy ink by the barrel.

You may also have to build the choir that is singing from your hymnal. Creating strong voices within your community stretches your reach. We identify key communicators and get everyone on the same page by providing powerful messages, practical tools and personalized training. We form the huddle, call the play and break for action. When everyone executes, we score points…whether it’s through the media, behind the podium or one-to-one.


    We find it and help you get it. Our research opens avenues to the source, whether it’s government, sponsorship or philanthropy.
    Gain media coverage and traditional publicity through events, specialty publications, trade-outs with other clients and training your people to work with the press and become better speakers.
    Increase the number of people speaking on your behalf and teach them how to do it.
    Conduct campaigns to recruit and retain members so you increase revenue.
    Create a groundswell of support for your cause so lawmakers and decision-making boards vote in your favor. Leverage government relationships to gain access and insight.
    Children and education issues are showing up on the ballot. Make sure they pass.

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